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Quels types de sélénite trouve-t-on au Maroc ?

par | Fév 15, 2024 | Artisanat marocain

Morocco boasts a treasure trove of selenite, offering a variety of types and forms for collectors and enthusiasts to admire. Here are some of the notable selenite varieties you can find in this North African kingdom.

Desert Rose Selenite:

Perhaps the most iconic Moroccan selenite is the desert rose.  In fact, these clusters of gypsum crystals radiate outwards, resembling the delicate petals of a rose. Their formation results from windblown sand grains acting as nucleation points for crystal growth, creating these unique and captivating structures.

Selenite Satin Spar:

This variety of selenite features silky, fibrous crystals with a beautiful pearly luster. Often found in translucent white sheets or bladed formations, satin spar exudes an ethereal elegance. There is a white satin spar and a red satin spar. The red coloring is a result of the presence of Iron Oxide in the formation of the crystal. The shade can range from a deep red to lighter shades of peach. Red Selenite has all the properties of White Selenite, connecting even more strongly to the physical body, and has a strong spiritual connection.

Red Selenite Tealight Holder
Selenite Satin Spar from Morocco

Selenite Barite Crystals:

These translucent to transparent crystals showcase a captivating interplay of selenite and barite. As a result, they often appear as white selenite with inclusions of golden barite. Their unique formations and contrasting colors make them prized specimens.

Selenite Barite Crystal from Morocco

Selenite Sand:

Morocco is also known for its deposits of fine-grained selenite sand. This powdery material, often white or with subtle colorations, finds use in various applications. This includes jewelry making, cosmetics, and even as a writing medium.

Sand Selenite from Morocco

Selenite with Inclusions:

Moroccan selenite can sometimes present with interesting inclusions of other minerals, such as hematite or manganese. Consequently, these inclusions add unique character and visual intrigue to the crystals.

Remember, the specific types and forms of selenite you encounter in Morocco may vary depending on the location and mining practices. Responsible sourcing is crucial, so ensure you purchase from reputable vendors who prioritize ethical and sustainable practices.

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