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Selenite Iceberg Lamp

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Hand Carved
   Material: White Selenite Minerals
   ≅ Size: 20 – 25H x 9 cm ∅

USB LED (2 options):
Warm Light LED: 10 cm (3.93in) diameter, cable length ~140 cm
Bright Light LED: 10 cm (3.93in) diameter, cable length ~140 cm

Finishing: Polished surface and raw sides

Origin: Morocco


  • The ordered products are randomly selected.
  • The lamp is in two separate parts; a wooden led base and a selenite stone. Both parts are not attached.
  • The USB LED light is provided without a charger and can work with any USB wall charger.
  • Items are handmade & and made from natural materials, which adds to their uniqueness and beauty.
  • It may be imperfectly shaped or look different from the photos.
  • If you need help choosing products, contact us.
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Iceberg Lamp From White Selenite:

Naturally formed into an iceberg and carved from pure white selenite, this lovely selenite iceberg lamp from Morocco isn't just a beautiful decor accent, it's a sanctuary for your well-being. Selenite is the stone of peace and purity. It radiates calming energy, cleansing your space of negativity and promoting serenity. Lighting this selenite iceberg lamp from the inside illuminates all the details and formations of this crystal. Its beautiful white glow creates adequate space for meditation, reflection, and tranquility.

Selenite is also a source of purification and charging to other crystals. Thus, this iceberg Moroccan lamp can also be a source of clarity and an energy-purifying home decor item. It is best to keep selenite crystals close to you in every corner of your home so that you surround yourself with positive energy anywhere you go.

More than just a lamp, it is an invitation to self-care. It can be a perfect addition to any yoga studiomeditation corner, or crystal lover's home.

Differences and Similarities Between Red Selenite and White Selenite:

While both red and white selenite are varieties of the same mineral (gypsum), their key differences lie in color and, to some extent, metaphysical properties. The red coloring is a result of the presence of Iron Oxide in the formation of the crystal. The shade can range from a deep red to lighter shades of peach. Red Selenite has all the properties of White Selenite. Plus it connects even more strongly to the physical body and has a strong spiritual connection.

Similarities: Both crystals possess cleansing and protective properties, removing negative energy, and amplifying positive vibrations. Additionally, they are used for meditation and chakra balancing.

Differences: Some believe red selenite has additional properties due to its color association with the lower chakras (sacral, solar plexus, and root). These chakras relate to creativity, power, and grounding. It's said to stimulate these chakras, bringing energy and increased motivation. White selenite, on the other hand, is more associated with the higher chakras (crown and third eye), focusing on spirituality, intuition, and enlightenment.

Rarity: White selenite is more common and readily available, while red selenite is rarer.

Care: Both are quite fragile and prone to scratching, so handle them with care.

Benefits of Selenite:

  • Selenite is excellent at clearing any blockages within spiritual or energy channels.
  • It Evokes protection from the angelic realm and also dispels negative energy and thoughts by promoting a peaceful mind.
  • It calms and soothes, bringing a deep peace and sense of tranquility.
  • It is an extraordinary healer that increases positive energy.
  • It is a protective stone that shields a person or space from outside influences.
  • Selenite is a crystallized form of Gypsum, which is used for good luck and protection.
  • It strengthens the memory and enhances the powers of manifestation.
  • The powerful vibration of Selenite can clear, open, and activate the Crown and Higher Chakras and is excellent for all types of spiritual work.

Please Note:

  • Disclaimer about the energetic properties of selenite (these are beliefs and not scientific facts).

By purchasing this product, you are not only helping our small business, but you are also participating in a good humanitarian cause that we strive to pursue with our local artisans.

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